BORDERS ALERT! and Floss colour palette information

Borders are optional, but if you decide to stitch a border follow these guidelines:

1.  There is no room for a top border because of the way the panels will be joined together. However, any space below the text to the edge of the picture plane (yellow dashed line on your “map”) is yours to embellish if you wish to do so.

2.  Side borders should start 2 squares away from the lettering, and can be a maximum of 5 squares wide.

3. You can turn the corner with your border and continue it around 3 sides of your text. See Making borders turn corners.

4.  Use only colours from the chosen palette.  This will give the assembled scroll a unified appearance. You may use a single colour or any combination, including blended strands.

floss palette revised w Arabesque
The DMC colour codes are:

#917 – magenta

#816 – red

#223 – rose

#729 – gold

#731 – moss

#3810 – aqua

#3750 – indigo

You may purchase this embroidery floss at many sewing shops, craft stores and online.