Borders gallery

Here are some ideas for borders ranging from 1 square wide to the maximum of 5 squares wide.
Leave 2 squares blank beside the lettering and use only the colours in the “official” palette.
The colours in the diagrams are mostly based on scans from several books, including Jan Eaton’s Creative Guide to Cross-Stitch Embroidery, and in no way prescribe your colour arrangement.
Some of the designs show the stitching turning a corner, so that you can create a continuous border on 3 sides of your text. Any design can be extended in this way. See making borders turn corners.
You are free to design your own border, and to post designs you would like to share.

Also coming on the website are ideas for filling the entire space below your stitching down to the edge of the picture plane (yellow dashed line on your “map”).
borders grid