Correcting mistakes . . . even starting again

Several people have broached this subject. They realized, usually within the first line of stitching, that something was not right.

They also worried that taking out their mistakes would ruin the aida cloth.

By all means start again. Craftspeople do that often.

A primary goal of the project is a word-perfect version of the text. The aida cloth is very sturdy, and will definitely withstand “un-sewing”. Just be careful not to rip the fabric. You may wish to begin your text again on a fresher surface by turning the cloth 180• Don’t cut any cloth away, since it will all be used in assembling the scroll; however, process markings are often part of finished works of art.

You will hopefully be much happier when you know you have it right, and the project will definitely benefit from your care.

Cautionary hint: All of the stitchers who encountered problems realized that they had not followed the printed template accurately. They missed the correct letter height, didn’t extend letters as drafted, thought that all spaces between letters or words were the same. Please follow the template exactly; every square on the diagram has meaning, as does your every stitch.