Winter 2018 illuminations

Alhambra Mosaic section

These illuminations are strategically placed to fill out column lengths to 78″ (2 m), which we have established as the height of the text area of the assembled scroll. Quantity is very limited, and only one of each design will be issued . They are packaged and sold as a kit for $18, including aida cloth, coloured floss, needle and counted cross-stitch diagram.

Fill out a new registration form and send it in an email to <> stating your first and second choice.

Please consider submitting your own designs that relate to specific Torah narratives or general themes
. This might be a good opportunity to express an idea you had while stitching your verses, but found yourself short of time or space on your canvas. Time permitting, we can wrangle your sketch or collage into the software to produce a rendering to be stitched by yourself or someone else.  Size range is 5-15 cm (2″-6″ ) high; and colours within the established palette.


Refer to these pages for guidelines and suggestions:
If you know of other artists – professional or not – who would likely contribute original designs, please contact us.

Labyrinths will represent the wandering of the Israelites in the dessert. From prehistoric to modern times labyrinths have had deep meaning in many cultures. Unlike a puzzle maze a labyrinth has a single path, and following it with intention is believed to be a progress towards reward or enlightenment.

left: 074 Chartres Labyrinth
right: 076 Minotaur Labyrinth

Section headings for Deuteronomy have an aqua background.

092: Deuteronomy 7:12–11:25 header “As a result”

093 Deuteronomy 11:26–16:17 header “See!”


These panels are inspired by mosaic tile work of cultures around the Mediterranean. Being non-figurative, they will be used among the sections exploring concepts of Creation in the Qur’an in Arabic.

118 Arabian mosaic pattern



Classic Japanese patterns will be stitched with indigo-coloured floss.

108 Nami/Waves

132 Asanoha/Stars


A series of floral borders, including grapes for the section in Numbers when the spies return bearing evidence of the richness of the Promised Land.

131 Art deco grapes

119 floral border 1