Archived slide shows and newsletters

In our new virtual home we have room to publish the past 10 slide shows as well as the previous newsletters. The links are below.

Many of you will find that the images now posted are superior to the ones you originally viewed.  We redid over 200 scans . . . a mammoth task, but a fitting honour to your craftsmanship.  Please consider supporting the project by ordering a giclée print of your panel.  Click here for more details.

  1.   February 2014 collection.
  2.   June 2014 collection.
  3.   September 2014 collection.
  4.   January 2015 collection.
  5.   May 2015 collection.
  6.   September 2015 collection.
  7.   April 2016 collection
  8.   September 2016 collection
  9.   February 2017 collection
  10.   July 2017 collection


Newsletters, bulletins and announcements.  Some of the links may not be current.