Rona, Rocky and Lili

Rona, Rocky and Lili

It was a busy day in the studio as stitchers came by to get their kits, ask questions, learn and practise skills, examine a real Torah scroll, and meet other participants.

back side of stitching

Q: Can I carry the thread from one word to the next?

A: Yes, if the distance is less than 2 cm/.75 in. Leave a bit of slack in the thread.
Like a busy day with lots of errands, try to map out a route for your stitching path that has as few back-tracks as possible.

So . . . you have your kit and you are staring at it with some trepidation or hesitating to begin stitching.

Please let me help you get started.

On Tuesday May 28 feel free to come to my studio at Holy Blossom Temple in Toronto  any time between 11AM and 7PM.  Bring your kit.  If you can’t make it on May 28, request a time slot on another day, and I’ll try to accommodate you.

Despite the slightly rocky shore at the beginning, we will wade right in and you will swim away feeling very comfortable.  Please allow yourself 30-60 minutes for the workshop.

For those of you who are not in Toronto, let’s arrange a consultation via Skype.

Of course, those who do not want or need help are hopefully swimming along with a strong and even stroke!