This is the first of a several features about embellishing the available area below your text . . . 
if you wish to do that.
Future articles will discuss designs for genealogies, portion-specific illustrations, and techniques for adapting [website] images for cross-stitch.

Part 1: Sarit's Birds
If you don’t have a portion-specific illustration in mind, consider birds. Birds often appear in mediaeval manuscripts.  
Their appeal is both their endless variety of colour, patterns and postures, as well as the behaviours and allegorical meanings that have become associated with certain species.

It would be delightful to see flocks of imaginative birds stepping, flying and swimming among our panels.
Sarit often uses birds in her textile art.  She cuts them directly from cloth and playfully embellishes the bold and often quirky shapes with hand embroidery. In support of our project Sarit allowed me to graph some her birds for cross-stitch.
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a blank .pdf version of the grid used throughout this project.


Completed panels are arriving, and each attests to the commitment and care of its stitcher.
Some emphasize the words alone; others are highly embellished.
Click here for a link so that you can view these magnificent gifts to our project.

Ongoing improvements
We are constantly learning from our stitchers and incorporating their suggestions into the website and discussion.
 Please consult the site when you have a question, and also to contribute your tips.

TSBS on the road
Margo, Marilynne and Temma continue to speak to enthusiastic audiences.  One viewer expressed an often-heard reaction: "It is so interesting to know why and how the project got started, to ask questions, and be a knowledgeable part of this magnificent endeavour."
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