Your log

Your log is important to the project's success in reaching prestigious exhibition venues and informing scholarship. Please keep track of your time as well as anecdotal thoughts and experiences that you are willing to share.

Two of the stitchers have done a stellar job . . . although you should not feel pressured to achieve their level. Barb has kept project logs for many years. Heather insists she is being this thorough mainly for purposes of family archiving.

Your photo

Please don't worry about your hair or makeup or cleaning up your house.  Vogue and Architectural Digest haven't approached us . . . yet.
Send a digital photo that is focussed and good resolution (at least 240 dpi). You may submit this at any time.

Your commitments . . . 

Keep a copy of your registration and check off the conditions to which you have agreed.
Fulfilling them is important to our ability to catalogue and present the project . . . and a source of important and wonderful information.
Please ensure that the project achieves its potential to reach scholarly and prestigious exhibition venues.
Click here to review these.

Completed panels

Last fall we asked you to keep your precious work for awhile longer, anticipating illustrations to fit into unfilled areas.  Several developments have brought this closer:
*  Sarit's Birds
*  Several artists have provided artwork. More about this in the next newsletter.
*  Software is available for free or at a modest cost to assist in translating an image into a stitching pattern.  More about this in the next newsletter.
*  Best of all and most frequent: Stitchers have found and developed their own designs related to their portion.


When you have completed your panel, please send it to the address on TSBS emails you have received. To avoid import problems mark it as a gift (which it is!) and declare a value of under Cnd$100.

Apologies to those who tried to view all of the completed panels.  We were suspended because of excessive traffic on our public Dropbox folder.  We are looking for a low-cost alternative, and will keep you posted.
Images above:
top left:: Women of the Book collage by Flora Rosefsky, one of our donor artists. 
top right: Sarit's bird stitched by Brenda below her sister's text.
middle: Diane shows creation of day and night.
bottom: gridded design for Noah's genealogy.
Interesting articles and discussion are added frequently, as well as
answers to many of your questions.