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Portion-specific illuminations

It's the idea that counts, not your drawing skill.

Illustrations pertaining to your verses are particularly welcome and meaningful, and help to orient viewers to the narrative.  Although you may not – or may – be a Biblical scholar, or you may not – or may – be comfortable with picture-making, there are several ways of illuminating the same story. 

Example A: Genesis 1: Creation Day 4: separating day and night.

Diane shows a rising sun "to dominate the day".

Fran blends strands of floss to achieve a gradation to brightest light at the top. The bottom portion consists of 18 rectangles, representing chai/life.

Example B: Genesis 4: Cain & Abel

Debby shows Cain as a "tiller of the soil" and Abel as a "keeper of sheep".

Barbara represents the brothers as symbols, and the blurring ground shows the disintegration of their relationship.

Explore a variety of sources

This far-from-definitive list suggests some directions you might take to better understand your verses.  The more you grapple with the text, the more interesting your illumination ideas will be. These are suggestions only, not an endorsement of a particular interpretive orientation or supplier.

Commentaries and Translations

Plaut and Stein, The Torah: A Modern Commentary, Revised Editionתורה.html?id=wCTfI2rpvXEC

Eskenazi and Weiss, The Torah: A Women's Commentary

The Pentateuch is divided into 54 weekly readings, and many scholars and organizations publish commentaries. 
Find your section on, and then

"Search Torah Commentary" on sites such as

Manuscripts and Lore  "Beasts" includes birds, insects, plants, stones and mythological creatures. You can search within the site and/or on the web.


See this magnificent contemporary hand-written, hand-illuminated bible, page by page, for free:

Ilene Winn Lederer, Between Heaven and Earth: An Illuminated Torah Commentary, reviewed in

Google images: "Illustrated Bible". Use with discretion and avoid cuteness.

Dover Publications:  and clip art:

There is now a rudimentary search engine that allows you to find Pinterest sites/boards that interest you.

Museums and their websites

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