Our 2nd anniversary, awesome engagement, new scans & illuminations
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Broadening our stitcher base

Torah Stitch by Stitch launched on the eve of Shavuot/Pentacost in June 2013 in Toronto.  Thanks to over 1000 stitchers in 18 countries as well as a large and generous staff of volunteers, we are now beginning the book of Numbers
With a limited quantity of verses left to assign we are eager to include participants in areas of the world we have not been able to reach, notably continental Europe, former Soviet Union, South America, and North Africa. Please spread the word, help us translate the basic information flyer, or put us in touch with people and organizations you personally recommend.

Engagement and amazement!

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[left] Genesis 13: 5–5 • Gerbrig Berman
"Leave yourself to find yourself," God demands of Abraham.  This physical and spiritual journey beginning at the altar at Bethel led to monotheism, which is the bedrock of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

and 19 illuminations kits


[right] Shofar • Barbara Zoe Goldstein
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