Pre-Passover edition
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Stitchers whose hands bring us song

Following the miracle of crossing the Red Sea on dry land during their flight from Egypt, Moses' sister Miriam and the other women dance and sing.  The typographical arrangement of "The Song of the Sea" represents the parting waters, and it is sung to a special melody.
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Exodus 15: 5-8 stitched by
Cantor Linda Sue Sohn

Genesis scanning completed!

This collection – our seventh – shows the rest of the panels in Genesis. This is the longest of the five books of Torah, comprising 384 4-verse sections. The others have been shown in previous slideshows.
Abraham's servant – seeking a wife for Isaac – meets Rebekah at the well and is impressed by her kindness and beauty.  Her brother invites him to their family home, feeds and waters the camels, and graciously entertains the honoured guest. 
Genesis 24: 33-36 stitched by Sharon Abel and Heather Super

Busy-ness around Boston

March 24 was an amazing whirlwind that included a gathering of 16 stitchers and installing a major commission.


New illuminations kits

"Let my people go". . . after Aaron Douglas

Your coaching staff

Just like the major leagues, TSBS has a formidable coaching staff.  Soon after receiving her/his kit each stitcher is assigned a coach who will follow up periodically to check progress and offer support.
 . . . and then there is Dara!  
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